A Global Mindset

 25 Years of Digital Globalization Experience

I help companies like yours achieve international success.

Developing Global Potential

I am passionate about helping Startups and SMEs expand internationally. My aim is simple: to help companies exploit the commercial and informational benefits of the Internet to the full. I am able to offer you a complete range of services in all of the web’s most important languages, from high quality translation and localization to expansion strategy and online marketing.

A specialist in the web

I learnt HTML and created my first company website in 1995 and started offering website localization and multilingual web marketing services as early as 1997. I have continued to be actively involved in CMS application, digital globalization, editing, strategy, content and marketing ever since.

A specialist in translation

Offering expert translation and revision services remains one of my primary objectives. Originally working only with French and German and focused exclusively on technology, the other languages and subject specialisations were added later as my network capabilities developed.

A specialist in localization

Localization is the process of translating and adapting a software application or website into another language in order to make it linguistically and culturally appropriate for a particular locale. I have over 25 years experience of localising websites, software and applications.

An independent consultancy

I am proud to offer my clients the support of 25 languages and 100 different services. My core focus is on assisting UK and European SMEs and Startups develop their web presence and aim their products, information and services at a global audience – not just a local one.

25 years of experience

Since 1995 my aim has remained the same: to help companies successfully exploit the global commercial benefits of the Internet. My experience, encompassing almost the entire history of the web, has enabled me to constantly evolve and respond to my clients’ needs over this time period.

A focus on excellence

From the beginning, as a specialist language services provider, quality assurance has been the foundation of all my operations. Today, my quality control processes are compliant with the ISO certifications 9001 and 13485 and my quality management procedures regularly updated.

Certified localization expert

I am certified by the Localization Institute in localizing software, websites and digital media for different countries, global digital media marketing (web/social media/search), SEO, content marketing and implementing global digital media marketing campaigns.

Certified global digital marketing expert

I hold a certification as a global digital marketing expert from the University of North Carolina. I am certified in global digital media environments, global digital internationalization, global digital expansion, global digital marketing segmentation and global CRM strategies.

Certified international SEO expert

I am a specialist in international SEO, certified by IHK, Germany, with 25 years of experience working with technical SEO implementation, translation, local link building, hreflang implementation, local resource linking and local search engine registration.
My Difference

Unifying language and web skills

I am a highly experienced digital consultant with a background in web globalization, translation, content strategy, international SEO and global web marketing.  I have successfully unified my language and web skills to create a global skill set that can perfectly assist companies in their international expansion.

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I help companies expand and go global via the web. Why not let me demonstrate the benefits of a globalized web presence for your business?

I am a specialist in web localization

Go Global Audit

Ask me for a Go Global Audit including a full digital analysis of your business. You will receive a comprehensive report and roadmap to set you on your path to international success.