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A better way of working

If you are as passionate about assisting companies in their international expansion as I am, and you have the necessary skills and experience, I would like to invite you to apply to join the GlobalStart network and take your freelance career to another level.

Collaborative network

GlobalStart is a collaborative network, which means that it is a non-hierarchical community of selected freelancers who not only work together on jobs and projects but also assist each other in finding further work. It is a requirement of membership that you agree to recommend other members first when you have work to offer. Unlike other freelancer networks, however, there are no fees or costs involved in joining, quite the opposite, GlobalStart exists to make you money and to support the development of your career whilst you deliver excellent services to our clients.


The underlying philosophy of the GlobalStart network is that as a member freelancer, you are still free and independent, but no longer alone. We have a genuine desire to help and complement each other’s work and, above all, to create a sustainable solution to the stressful feast and famine periods that so many freelancers experience. You will receive a range of free tools, resources and assistance to help you: a private Facebook group, the online project management and workflow system, time tracking and expenses tools, and the ability to ask for a replacement freelancer in the case of you falling ill.

Fairer pricing

Unlike with traditional agencies and, in particular, LSPs (language service providers) the GlobalStart network undertakes not to pressure you to accept lower rates by using the excuse that technological advancements are driving down prices. Most agencies will always have higher costs and profit expectations than we do as a network of independent freelancers and, therefore, we retain an inherent price advantage over them. If at all possible, you will always be paid the rates that you set. You will also be paid on time, avoiding the stress of being forced to chase up late invoices.

Requirements for admission: freelancers who work with web globalization, localization project management, content translation, content transcreation, content strategy, import-export, multilingual e-commerce, multilingual content creation, multilingual graphic design, multilingual blogging, multilingual PPC, multilingual customer surveys, multilingual analytics, international SEO, global social media and global web marketing.

You need to be able to work in English plus one or more of the following languages: Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, Malay, Russian, French, German, Italian, Polish, Turkish, Farsi, Dutch, Korean, Czech, Vietnamese, Greek, Swedish, Romanian, Hungarian, Danish, Thai, Slovak.

You must have a passion for web technologies and for providing services of the highest quality. A minimum of two years’ experience is necessary and you need to provide proof of your achievements and talents.

In the case of translators and other linguists you will need to use a CAT tool that can process a range of different file formats, in particular XLIFF. To confirm your translation abilities, you will be asked to undertake a paid test which will be evaluated.

Once you have been accepted into the network, a profile will be created for you in the GlobalStart system where you will be able to login. The GlobalStart online system is a secure, multilingual, web-based project management and workflow environment where you are able to access and process jobs, messages, resources, quotes and payments.

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