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Today, the quickest and most effective way to grow your business is to expand into global markets by leveraging the web. Research shows that companies that globalize successfully achieve faster growth and generate more revenue than those that remain only in their home markets.

I can create a comprehensive expansion strategy for your company that will encompass all the different aspects of the digital globalization process including research, analysis, implementation, marketing and training.

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International Market Research

Discover new opportunities

Market research is one of the first and most essential elements of an international expansion strategy. Many businesses, however, base their plans on superficial, even faulty research, ad hoc decisions or guesswork. This will inevitably lead to serious future issues and perhaps the failure of the entire project. To address this, and possibly discover other opportunities, I will examine your chosen market for its potential and risks and use in-country experts to conduct detailed surveys and research.

A roadmap for successful market entry

In-depth analysis and strategy to drive your business forward:

Business analysis

Where is your business now? Can you expand internationally with your current organizational structures or do you need to implement changes to achieve the best chance of success?

Market analysis

What are the best countries or regions to target and what is the best market entry mode for your business? Will you need a subsidiary company or should you examine partnerships or alliances?

Risk analysis

Receive a comprehensive analysis of the present, and most probable future, legal, cultural, competitive and geopolitical risks inherent to your proposed target countries or regions.

Globalization strategy

What is the best digital globalization strategy for your business? How should you manage the localization of your products, websites, SEO, social media and marketing?

Digital strategy

Discover if your organization is digitally mature enough to successfully adapt to your international expansion plans and how you should create the necessary systems for upscaling and fulfilment.

E-commerce strategy

What is the best global e-commerce strategy for your company? What systems, tools and processes should you implement and what fulfilment methods and payment processors should you choose?

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Go Global Audit

Ask me for a Go Global Audit including a full digital analysis of your business. You will receive a comprehensive report and roadmap to set you on your path to international success.