Content Services

Today, content is at the heart of everything that we buy and sell. I can help you develop successful digital content that will increase the sales of your services and products and develop an international presence for your company or brand.

Global Content Strategy, Creation and Management

Regardless of the location or language, you only have a few seconds to convince a website visitor to continue reading your content and progress through your marketing funnel to a successful conversion. Graphics, colours and page design are extremely important but it is the quality of the written content that is the vital element in content marketing.

Content Strategy

Let me help you create a digital content strategy which will be the foundation of your international expansion programme.

Content Creation

I can create optimized, targeted, web content in 25 different languages and help you market it using SEM and SEO.

Content Management

Via optimization and audits I can develop and manage your content using CMS systems such as WordPress and Episerver.


Targeted Content

Through an effective global content strategy, including the use of global personas and analytics, I can help you successfully target the right international audience for your products and services.

Optimized Content

Content needs to be optimized for your audience to maximise its chances of conversion. I offer full content optimization services in 25 different languages including any necessary cultural customization.

Converting Content

My focus is to help you create an effective content marketing funnel via targeted, optimized content that delivers effective leads and conversions.

Global Content

Global content is at the heart of the web globalization process. The content has to effectively communicate with, and sell to, the targeted international audience and be adapted to the target market’s socio-cultural, geopolitical, legal and economic environments. In connection with your international content strategy, the content can be optimized by creating user personas. I will conduct research on your target audience, collecting data on their professional demographics and their online content consumption habits.

Based on these personas, I will research the keywords that are relevant and popular in your target region, as well as identify specific topics that you can use as a basis for creating new, engaging, content. Blog content is naturally a vital element of any content marketing campaign. I can provide an ongoing blog writing service where a native copywriter will research and write four blog posts a month in your target language. The blog posts will be accompanied with four bespoke images to illustrate the desired topics. Contact me for more details or advice.

Cultural Customization

The web is not a culturally neutral medium so when creating content for an international audience it is vital to ensure that it is culturally consistent with the expectations of the user in order to avoid offence or confusion.

The cultural customization of web content is a complex series of services that require an expert understanding of unique cultural signs, colours, and cultural values as well as a country’s cultural orientation on values such as individualism versus collectivism, uncertainty avoidance, power distance, masculinity versus femininity, and the critical issue of whether the country has a high- or low-context general culture.

I have over 20 years of experience in creating and localizing content that addresses all these elements of cultural customization in order to achieve a successful international expansion for startups and SMEs.

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Content Management

Content management is a process that never ends. As such, you need an outsourcing partner that can simplify and optimise the process whilst providing a better return on investment than an inhouse team.

I am familiar with working with HTML-based sites as well as with the most popular commercial and open source systems such as Episerver and WordPress.







Go Global Audit

Ask me for a Go Global Audit including a full digital analysis of your business. You will receive a comprehensive report and roadmap to set you on your path to international success.