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As a Startup or SME, you need an independent globalization partner who can personalize and optimize the globalization process whilst providing a better return on investment than an in-house team or agency.

A full range of Globalization Services 

I have developed a global network of over 1000 specialists providing 100 digital globalization, translation and content services in 25 different languages.


I can adapt and translate your software, applications and websites into 25 other languages to make them linguistically, culturally and legally appropriate for your target countries. Learn more.


I offer expert translation services for books, user manuals, articles, proposals, posters, guides, marketing materials and all forms of digital content for startups and SMEs. Learn more.


Web content is vital. My services cover all aspects of digital content creation, optimization, translation and revision including strategy, audits, and CMS management. Learn more.


From basic proofreading and revision to extensive editing, I can review your writing to optimize its readability and logic, and to ensure correct style, spelling and grammar. Learn more.


I offer a complete range of multilingual or monolingual web marketing services including: SEM, PPC, analytics, e-commerce, blogging and social media management. Learn more.


Let me create a strategy for you to globalize your website, marketing and social media which will enable you to reach a far wider market for your products and services. Learn more.


I am an international SEO specialist, from local to global search engine optimization I can help you attract the visitors and prospects you need to sell more products and services. Learn more.


Before expanding your business, ask me for a Go Global Audit and receive a full analysis of how you can develop your company or brand online to new international markets. Learn more.


I offer on-site, fully customized, corporate training courses on every aspect of digital globalization to enable companies to create successful international expansion programmes. Learn more.

Multilingual Web Marketing

A website, by itself, is not sufficient to drive an effective multilingual web marketing campaign and create interest in a company or brand. What is needed is a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy based upon a marketing funnel composed of, on one side, social media and, on the other, PPC and SEM. At the base of the funnel lies the visitor-converting website which is built around a blog. The blog is the content marketing “motor”, creating search engine and visitor interest and, ultimately, visitor conversion.

The multilingual inbound marketing system works and I would like to prove to you how effective it can be for your organization. I am able to create for my clients an entire online marketing funnel, in any one or combination of 25 languages and, additionally, train your staff in how to use it to the maximum advantage.

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Global Web Services

Outsource your global digital content requirements to me – I have many years experience of creating and managing multilingual web content created with CMS systems such as WordPress and Episerver. My services include: global content marketing and analytics, social media, SEO and link building, keyword management, internationalized domain names, local hosting, PPC, blog creation and management.

See below for additional details or discover the language combinations I offer.

Hreflang Implementation

 Hreflang tags help overcome one of the biggest challenges of international SEO by successfully targeting the correct content to the correct region.  I can review the hreflang implementation on your websites and then report on, and correct, any identified issues.

Global Marketing Personas

My network can conduct extensive research on your international target audience. By collecting data on their professional demographics and online content consumption habits we can create an effective list of personas for use in your global marketing programmes.

Global Blog Content

Blogging in your target languages is the foundation for a successful international inbound marketing strategy.  I can assist you in creating blog content that matches your company’s style and tone by creating compelling, tailormade articles to boost your international expansion.

Global Content Creation

I offer a multilingual content creation service that offers your company the highest quality, engaging content in your target language to boost your overall visibility in the search engines. The content is always written and revised by a native speaker of the target language.

International SEO

As part of my web marketing services I offer a whole raft of search engine optimization (SEO) features. A selection includes: SEO global consultancy and recommendations, SEO competitor assessment, SEO linguistic analysis, and SEO keyword research for Google.

International PPC

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising constitutes an essential part of the online marketing funnel driving traffic to a website. My PPC services include: PPC Budget Management, PPC keyword research, PPC keyword review, PPC Competitor audit and PPC keyword expansion.

Global Social Media

Effective social media communications are a vital element of every online strategy. My services include: Facebook page management, Twitter page management, online reputation management, competitor profile analysis, Weibo account setup and LinkedIn page creation.

International Analytics

An effective web marketing system relies upon effective web analytics. My services include: expert Google analytics implementation, Google analytics consultancy, Google analytics report setup, Google analytics health check and Naver analytics basic setup.

100 services in 25 languages

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Discover the full range of digital globalization services available in the current services catalogue. The GlobalStart network of translators, localizers, marketers and digital consultants offers your business a unique resource of over 1000 specialists working in 25 different languages. Trust our combined experience to grow your company internationally.

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