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International Web Services in Folkestone

Expand your business from the Folkestone and Kent area to an international marketplace with website translation, international SEO and international web marketing. Prices start from just £49+VAT.

Global Web Services and International SEO for Companies in the Folkestone Area

Beat your local competition in Kent and even nationwide - translate your website, email and web marketing to sell online in other countries. Use international SEO to grow your business in new global markets.

Website Translation

Website translation, also known as website localisation, is the first step in going global with your company online. We can translate your website and email into 25 languages and help you choose which countries or regions are the best fit for your business.

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International SEO

Without SEO your website will not get to the top of the search results and your business will not be found. International SEO opens up a whole new world of opportunities for your company or brand to grow and become established in new markets.

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International Marketing

International web marketing with Google, Facebook and other social media is used to build a long-term marketing funnel in a particular language or country that will create continuous engagement and convert your new prospects into customers.

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Today, it is easier, quicker and cheaper than ever before to target International Markets

If you have a product or service that can be delivered internationally, either digitally via the web or physically by shipment, we can help grow your business online.

It is easier than you think to find international prospects and customers online

There are currently over 5.1 billion people connected to the Internet in the world. That is over 65% of the entire population of the planet and growing all the time. The last year alone, driven by the pandemic crisis and the great online switch to digital, has seen an increase in Internet users of over 1,300%. The UK is one of the most developed Internet nations in the world with over 63.5 million users but that is just a tiny fraction of the potential online customers you can reach with a multilingual website, international SEO, and international web marketing.

It is estimated that over 93% of all global internet users have already purchased products online. That is a current online potential market of over 4.6 billion individuals in the world, 75% of whom do not speak English as their first language. When we built our first company website in 1995, there were only 25,000 websites in the whole world and over 90% of them were in English. Over the years, as the number of websites has grown to the incredible number of 1.84 billion that there are today, the percentage that are in English has grown smaller and smaller. We believe that having a multilingual website is essential for doing business today and, particularly, for any company that wants to grow and be successful over the long term.

It is quicker than you think to see results and achieve success

The technical processes involved in international SEO and international web marketing are not so very different to those for local or national targeting. A little more time is necessary initially for localisation, translation and global set-up but, in general, you will see positive results after three months from launch.

It costs less than you may imagine - see pricing

Our pricing is simple and straightforward – translation is charged by the word and prices start at £0.06 a word for the most common languages such as French and Spanish.

Most other services, such as international SEO and international web marketing, are charged by the hour with prices starting at just £49 an hour.

The prices quoted are without VAT.

You can get government funding to help pay for international web services

As part of the Global Britain initiative, and to make the cost of targeting new international online markets even more affordable, the Department for International Trade (DIT) has launched an internationalisation fund for eligible businesses in England. The fund can be used to support international SEO, international web marketing and translation. Grants of between £1,000 and £9,000 will be available to companies that meet the eligible criteria.

For more details see the DIT website.

Why Folkestone is a great base for expanding internationally

The Folkestone and Hythe district of Kent, is an excellent location from which to base an international online business. Fast road, rail and channel tunnel (Eurotunnel) links to France and the rest of the UK facilitate the import and export of goods and products internationally. Folkestone has traditionally been situated as a gateway between England, France and Belgium and is twinned with many European towns and cities. Saga has its international headquarters in Sandgate, situated between Folkestone and Hythe, and superfast broadband is available for businesses in the area.

Additionally, in terms of work/life balance, Folkestone has a higher rate of growth than the Kent average, it is ranked among the top 30 places to live in Britain and residential property is 66% cheaper than London.

Recovery from the Pandemic

If your company is similar to many others in Folkestone and the South-East, you will need to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic by embracing ecommerce as the new business norm. We can help you progress to international ecommerce and develop a global, online customer base.

Help with Brexit Issues

Many businesses in the Folkestone area have also been affected by Brexit, if necessary, we can help you target your products and services to other regions and markets in the world or help you to continue to sell to customers in Europe in their own languages.

“David and his team took us from being on page 10 of Google to the top of page one in both the UK and Sweden in under three months. As a result, we were able to increase new signups by 400% over a year.”


Are you Interested in Growing your Business Internationally?

The quickest way to grow your business is to target international markets online. Research shows that companies that expand internationally achieve faster growth and generate more revenue than those that remain only in their home markets. We have been helping companies like yours achieve international success online for over 25 years. Ask for a no-obligation quote today and let us show you how cost-effective it can be for your business to reach millions of new prospects around the world.
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