Revision and Editing Services

Digital and Copy Editing

Two different services to enable you to communicate information correctly and effectively and to successfully market your products, both in print and online.

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Editing is a key element of success

for digital content and publishing

To convert online visitors and potential prospects into customers for your products or services it is essential that your digital content and marketing materials are written to the highest standard, both in terms of quality and SEO efficacy. I offer editing and revision for websites, user manuals, documents and all forms of advertising and marketing materials.

Your business will benefit by receiving excellent copy that effectively informs your customers on the benefits and technical details of the services or products that you offer whilst simultaneously creating a desire to engage with your brand.

I can also carry out a complete review of your current content and publications to ensure that you maximise the return on investment of this vital business resource. I will edit your text for misspellings, grammatical errors, text flow and marketing convertibility. I will make all the changes necessary to give your content the best possible chance of success, whether that is on- or offline.

Digital Content Creation and Management

Digital Editing

Today, outstanding web content is the essential foundation of an effective inbound marketing strategy and the best way for a company to provide a profitable return on its investment in SEO and PPC strategies.

I offer digital editing services for both mono- and multilingual websites and have the experience to create, edit, translate and manage the content you need. You do not need to have a permanent, in-house digital editor; why not outsource your digital content requirements to a specialist instead?

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For Companies and Publishers

Copy Editing

As digital content becomes more and more important, not only in its role to inform and convert website visitors but also because clear, compelling, content is required for effective SEO and PPC campaigns, copy editing also becomes more important. Additionally, search engines now insist on quality content and penalise those websites that appear not to have it.

When I copy edit on- or offline text I eliminate and replace poorly chosen or redundant words and unnecessary repetitions, check for problems of logic and coherence and ensure reading fluidity, all with the objective of making the text sound natural and compelling to read. I also correct errors of tense and mistakes of grammar, spelling and punctuation.

The quality of language that a company or brand uses impacts on the image that it wishes to present and, above all, on its chances of being successful. It all begins with words, let me help make sure they are the right words.

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