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On-page SEO

On-page SEO is the core SEO skill set that ensures that your website is technically synchronised with what the search engines, mainly Google, want. Google is focused on providing its users with the most relevant, safe and speedy results for the search query made.

Knowing this, I carry out a technical audit of a website and verify or change the following factors: domain suitability and age, SSL, indexation, security, PHP version, theme, plugins, keywords, page loading speed, titles, meta descriptions, H1 tag, short descriptive URLs, optimization of image sizes, names and alt tags, schema markup, the topical relevance of the page content and content readability.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is more difficult and time consuming than on-page because it concerns factors which are not entirely within the control of the SEO consultant. It is a skill set primarily focused on building quality backlinks to increase what Google calls page rank, which indicates what other people think about your website and how important the content is to them. There is a clear correlation between the number of referring domains that point to a particular web page and how high it ranks in the search rankings.

To increase off-page SEO I therefore concentrate on increasing the number of quality referring domains, link authority, dofollow vs. nofollow links, anchor text, link relevance and traffic of the referring domain. In addition, I also check the following factors: citations, brand mentions, an optimized Google My Business profile, positive reviews, and social media mentions.

Local SEO

Local SEO is entirely focused on ranking your website to attract visits from individuals in close proximity to your business. This search process encompasses primarily Google but also Bing, Yelp, Facebook and a growing collection of mobile apps. Local search is mainly a mobile-first activity and the first thing I verify is that your website is mobile friendly.

The primary skill set that I use for local SEO includes much of on-page SEO but also keyword research, competitor research, Google My Business, Bing Places, and Apple Maps listings, local citations and reviews, and ensuring placement in the Google snack pack map-related results as well as the normal organic results.

International SEO

An effective knowledge of international SEO takes many years to acquire; it is a skill set that encompasses all of on- and off-page and local SEO plus content strategy, translation, transcreation, localization and cultural customization skills.

A brief overview of the process I follow for international SEO includes the following factors to verify or implement: a full business audit leading to a strategy document, new website or webpage creation using subdomains, subdirectories or ccTLDs, local hosting or IP address, content localization, SEO translation, hreflang implementation, local link building, local resource linking, local search engine registration, local press releases, contact form and email translation.

An International SEO Expert

Develop new online markets

If you have a product or service that can be delivered internationally, either digitally via the web or physically by shipment, I can help grow your business using international SEO techniques that I have developed and used for over 20 years.

There are still many more opportunities to achieve premier search listings internationally than nationally. Additionally, using international SEO, you have the ability to offset your local competition and achieve a strategic advantage by expanding to new markets before your competitors do.

Google And Facebook Ads

Paid Search Marketing

Each digital consultant takes a different approach to organic SEO and paid SEM – Search Engine Marketing.

My experience has taught me to focus on building a solid, organic, search presence with SEO first, namely by boosting domain authority by creating keyword-targeted web content and building the best backlink portfolio possible, before investing too heavily in advertising. I then prefer to combine both Google and Facebook ads for maximum engagement potential coupled with social media and email marketing which is linked to optimized landing pages.

The goal, whether it’s for local or global expansion, is to build a unified marketing funnel that creates engagement and converts prospects to increase your revenue.

A Small Business Specialist

I understand how frustrating it is to have a business that is not being found online

Your website is your business. You have invested a great deal of time, energy and money into building it and you need it to provide you with sales and leads. And yet, you are disappointed and frustrated with the results. It can be hard to accept, but even if you have the most beautiful and well-designed website possible, if it is not appearing at the top of the search results it is practically useless for its intended purpose of converting visitors into prospects and customers.

The solution is SEO – Search Engine Optimization – carried out by an experienced expert and supported by a wider strategy of email and search marketing. It takes less time than you might imagine to start seeing the results you want, and I would like to show you that it also costs less than you would think.

Contact me to receive a free, detailed quote and analysis of your website and, together, let’s make your business the success it deserves to be.

There has never been a better or more important time to expand your business internationally using the web. International SEO is the vital element that will ensure your visibility and long-term success in your new markets.

David Boniface

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