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Translation is the vital element that will link your business to new markets and create a successful international expansion strategy for your company.

A passion for language

Your international prospects are three times more likely to buy your products and services when they have been translated into their own language. Together with my network, I provide translation services that will enable you to expand internationally as successfully and cost-effectively as possible.

Digital Content

I provide expert translation services for all forms of digital content. I guarantee the highest levels of quality through a multi-step translation process and always combine professionally certified human translators with post-editing experts to ensure that your message will be delivered as you originally intended.

Books & Guides

I have many years experience of translating books and guides with a full knowledge of the requirements and procedures of both publishing companies and authors. I can prepare a translated book with the LaTeX  document markup language and deliver it typeset, ready to be printed.

Marketing Materials

Translating your marketing materials is a key factor in your company’s international product acceptance and success. I provide translation for all types of hard and soft copy marketing documents, flyers, brochures, posters and printed publicity materials.


Legal contracts are critical when expanding internationally and doing business in new markets. I provide the translation of any form of contract by fully qualified legal translators in any combination of 25 different languages.

User Manuals

I have a great deal of experience in translating product and software user manuals. This form of translation is highly technical and often includes the cultural customization of icons and colours, the adaptation of images, and the customization of country-specific standards such as date and time formats and currency symbols.


The translation of documents is one of my core service offerings. I support a wide range of software programs and can work with MS Word, QuarkXPress, PageMaker, WordPerfect, PDF, and many other markup and translation industry-specific CAT file formats.

Trust my translation experience

All the translation services I offer benefit from the following advantages:

Project management system

I have developed a secure web-based project management and work environment where my clients can manage all aspects of the translation ordering, invoicing, and workflow processes.

Expert translators and revisors

My well-established approach to guaranteeing a perfect translation is to use a specialist linguist who works in the field and then have the translation verified by an expert revisor.

Confidentiality and security

I take an uncompromising attitude to client data confidentiality and security which are essential prerequisites when dealing with a language services provider.

Quality control procedures

I guarantee the quality and accuracy of the work I deliver and I guarantee the deadlines that I am given. I can also provide certificates for translation and revision quality.

Glossaries and style guides

To obtain a high quality translation with a consistent style and terminology I follow a strict process of using the correct glossaries, style guides and specialist dictionaries.

CAT and TM Tools

I apply intelligent IT solutions to increase quality and reduce costs and was an early adopter of computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools and translation memory (TM) database technology.


Transcreation, for marketing and advertising campaigns

Transcreation is more than translation, it is the complete reimagining and rewording of an existing piece of content or text. It is essentially focused on the linguistic and cultural adaption of style, tone and context and is particularly suitable for the effective localization of a company’s corporate image or critical marketing campaigns. Contact me for more information and pricing.

Editing and Revision Services

Editing and revision are vital elements of the translation process and contribute to the success of both your on- and offline publishing projects

To convert online visitors and potential prospects into customers for your products or services it is essential that your digital content and marketing materials are written to the highest standard, both in terms of quality and SEO efficacy. My services guarantee that your revised text will be:

Free of errors


Optimised for SEO


Delivering your marketing message

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MT Post-Editing

Machine Translation (MT) systems are becoming increasingly more advanced but the output still needs to be edited by a human for it to be suitable for publication. Via my network, I offer MT post-editing in 25 languages.

Glossary Management

Do you have a glossary of terms specific to your business? I can create one for you or manage your current glossary to help you maximise the quality and ROI of the translations you receive. Contact me for details.

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I offer translation services for the widest range of platforms and file formats in a variety of different fonts. I can receive your material in either hard or soft copy and return it to you formatted to match the original or, if desired, processed through a DTP program and ready to print.

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Each linguist that I work with is a specialist in a particular field. They are all selected native speakers of their target languages and have the bi-cultural and technical experience necessary to produce consistently perfect results.